Walter-Reilly Restorations



The VZ-52 pistol grip stocks I make are the first of it's kind. The stock is patterned after the M14-E2 pistol grip stock.  The  1 inch butt extension, the raised cheek piece, the 98 Mauser butt plate and the German Luger style grip makes this stock very comfortable. The wood is European Beech which is very tough to work with but is strong and resists dings and scrapes. The finish is a typical military linseed oil finish. All of the original Vz-52 metal parts are used except the butt plate, rear lug bolt. View VZ-52 section of this sight to see what my full length wood hand guards look like. 


Fitted with a Gew 98 Mauser butt plate which curves in for a better fit in your shoulder. This stock can also be fitted with a Gew98K cupped butt plate.


Recent Tiger Maple M14-E2 style stock for the Vz-52's.



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