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Here is a current price list 7/15/2016

All my stocks sets include matching hand guards (if applicable) from the same piece of wood. My unfinished stocks are rough sanded and fitted and inletted for metal parts. My finished stocks are sealed and finished with linseed oil and are ready for assembly. Here is a price list of some of the stuff I make.

Vz-52 Stock set  $175.00 unfinished $200.00 finished (tiger maple add $10.00)

71/84 AND Gew88 stocks $200.00 unfinished  N/A finished (Tiger Maple add  $10.00)

Hand Guard  unfinished $25.00

Hand Guard clip $5.00

Full length wood hand guard  unfinished $45.00 (Tiger Maple add $10.00)

Cross Bolt and nuts  $15.00

Sling Bar and nut  $15.00

Butt plate retainer spring Parkerized $10.00

Muzzle Brake Flash suppressor screw on  $40.00 ( also available SVT-40 style brake both early and late style)

VZ-52 7.62x39 standard length Barrel    $135.00

VZ-52 7.62x39 16.5" barrel    $120.00

VZ-52 Barrel installation $50.00 (FFL required)

Metal finishing Bluing, Browning, Parkerizing (contact me)



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